As a charity, is it paramount that a board of Trustees is formed to maintain effective management, and that it delivers the goals set out by the Charity Commission. Our board is invaluable in helping to maintain high educational standards and the provision of a safe, friendly environment to support social inclusion.


For more information on becoming a Trustee, please contact the admin team on 01788 542467 or email,

David Dove


Elected Chairman of Trustees in March 2007 having been co-opted onto the Executive Committee in June 2006. Took early retirement after 36 years with Royal Mail and joined PGH in 2003 attending French classes.

Interests include Rugby (spectating), Golf, (playing badly) and Motorcycling, (dry weather only).


Carin Jackson


I became a Trustee & co-opted on the Executive Committee in Nov 2017. Joined PGH as a student in September 2017 & am currently taking beginners German. Formerly a Chartered Surveyor (commercial property), now self-employed as a business consultant, quality systems auditor and network marketing professional.

Interests include cycling & skiing (participating), music (singing, learning instruments & watching) and exploring the countryside (as often as possible).

David Thomson


Appointed as Honorary Treasurer, Trustee and member of the Executive Committee in March 2016. Retired after 50 years as a practising Chartered consultant in Rugby in 2015. Treasurer of other local activities and director of national charity. Previously governor of local secondary school. Interests include watching cricket and golf, investing, travelling and family activities.

Steve Becker

Fire Safety Officer

I was co-opted onto the Executive Committee in May 2019 having recently retired. My career consists of: 27 years in the Army as an aircraft engineer; 11 years working in various  airworthiness and IT-related roles, and the last 7 years as a self-employed domestic electrician. Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, my wife and I moved here from Wiltshire in 2016 in order to be closer to our family.

My other interests include: learning Italian (at the PGH), reading, music, walking my dog, DIY and understanding the world in general. I am also a member of the Rugby Amateur Transmitting Society (RATS).


Rob Close


Retired in 2010 having been CEO of a special service Bank. Awarded the OBE for services relating to the Euro. Trustee of the Percival Guildhouse since March 2016. Trustee Director of the Barclays Bank Pension Fund. Treasurer of the Barby Church Trust. Recently joined Rugby Rotary. Very active in Northamptonshire Archaeology.

I enjoy spending time with my children, grandchildren and friends, reading, travelling, the Arts, running, gym, cycling, skiing and watching Rugby.

Jane Lucas


I am a chartered accountant and have spent most of my career working in the public and charity sectors. I currently work for LionHeart (the RICS Benevolent Fund), a charity in Birmingham, as Head of Finance and Corporate Services, leading on finance and also on digital strategy.
My first PG course was in 2011 and I currently study French and Pilates. 

Lynn Watkins


I began my career in Youth and Community work and Adult and Community learning in 1986. I became a Youth Tutor at a school in Nuneaton before moving to Rugby as the Adult and Community Learning Co-ordinator for WCC in 1992. I obtained a Graduate Diploma in Community Education followed by a M.A in Community Education in 1997. In 2007 I took early retirement.

I have attended the PGH as a student for 5-6 years and in November 2016 co-opted as a Trustee, following 10 years as a school governor in Leicestershire.

Peter Reaney

Reciprocal Trustee

I joined the Executive Committee in October 2015 as the reciprocal trustee for the Westham House Fund, of which I am Treasurer. I took early retirement from role as Head of Communications with CSWP after 34 years in public service (mainly in the Careers Service). School Governor for 25+ years and have been Chair of Governors at Rugby High School for 10 years.

Interests include football (supporting Burnley FC, my home town), cricket (supporting Lancashire CCC) listening to /watching music (classical and popular), history (reading and visiting historic sites), quizzing (watching, participating and writing).

Clare Turnbull


A love of Italian drew me to the Guildhouse and still does.  I retired in 2017 after a 45-year career in journalism, corporate communications and public relations.  I worked for seven years in the 1980s as chief reporter of the Rugby office of the Coventry Evening Telegraph, going on from there to head up PR and Communications for a major business organisation and later for an international law firm.  Italian apart, I also love Art (viewing not doing), music (all forms),cinema, theatre and sport .

Anda Drasovean


Since obtaining my postgraduate degree in Linguistics in 2017, I have worked as a freelance Romanian translator and linguistic consultant. An adopted Rugbeian since 2011, I have previously worked and lived in three different countries: Romania, USA, and (briefly) Poland. With almost 15 years of volunteering experience under my belt, I am also a seasoned volunteer. In my spare time, I enjoy walking, reading, attending French and Spanish classes at the Percival Guildhouse, and baking. 

Ralph De La Croix

Co-opted Member

I trained in Electrical Engineering with AEI in Rugby, pursuing my career with GEC, GEC Plessey Telecommunications and Siemens, in their engineering, personnel and training functions , before working for Leicestershire Constabulary, evaluating their  training and corporate development activities.  I retired from full time employment in July 2011 and joined the PGH as a student In 2013 becoming a co-opted member of the Executive Committee in May 2019.

I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren,  pursuing a range of artistic activities, listening to and playing  music, gardening (under the supervision of my wife) and filming wildlife, (hedgehogs) visiting to our garden.