What does PGH mean to you?

We could tell you what we think, but why don’t you hear it from our students instead!

"The Guildhouse is a remarkable facility and provides a wide range of courses"

We are always delighted to receive feedback from our students so we have started this section to share the comments we are given.  

We encourage our students to let us know their views at any time but, approximately once a year, we undertake an evaluation process to ensure all students are asked for their feedback. 

What people say

As I live in Daventry, I would have to travel to the other side of Northampton to learn French. Whereas the PG is only 20-25 minutes away. I have met some really lovely people, and learnt a great deal. I only knew about it through a friend as we only receive information for Northants learning and not Rugby.

The Percival Guildhouse is a fantastic place to attend courses on a vast number of subjects in a relaxed and friendly manner, without the rigmarole of a standard classroom. It’s also a place to be social and make friends.


Long may it continue!

What a Joy! The Saturday workshops gave me a way of learning new ideas and skills while I was still working full time. Now I have more freedom, I have the chance to catch up on things which were missed from my education, in a relaxed and really friendly setting.

The willow weaving has given me a new hobby. The unique set up of the centre gives it a sense of being grounded in Rugby and being a mutual effort enterprise, whilst having professional tuition of a high quality.

I have been doing courses at The Percival Guildhouse for many years (archaeology, astronomy, tai chi, belly dancing, singing). I very much value the stimulation of learning something new and the social side of meeting new people as I am disabled and find it difficult to participate in other activities.

The Percival Guildhouse is a super adult education venue to learn. I don’t know any other educational learning centre that offers a friendly, interesting, encouraging place to enjoy either learning a new skill or encourage a leisure past time. It is so important to keep interested in all things as we age. I have benefitted so very much from all the Guildhouse has offered over the past 10+ years. Many thanks!

The beginners welsh course has been an incredible journey. Corinna has guided and steered us all so cleverly through the baffling waters of beginners welsh in her thoughtfully planned, interesting classes. We have thoroughly covered the basics as well as learnt a lot about the welsh culture, with songs, history, magazines, videos, games etc. I feel very confident about continuing to learn this language over the holiday break and very motivated! Thank you Corinna!