Donors and Grant Awarding Bodies

Discover our Donors and Grant Awarding Bodies.


Thank you to all those who donate throughout the year. We are incredibly grateful for all the support you give us.

Grant Awarding Bodies

We would like to thank all of our Grant Awarding Bodies for their generous contributions towards the sustainability of The Percival Guildhouse.

- Westham House Fund

Westham House Fund is a charitable trust committed to using its resources for the promotion of Adult Education in the UK and, in particular, in Coventry and Warwickshire. We support organisations who provide non-vocational educational opportunities or well-being activities for adults. Our Young Person’s Fellowship also allows us to support individuals aged 16 -25 to broaden their development and well-being through non-vocational educational experiences.  

Contact: or ring 01788 542467 and ask for the Clerk to the Trustees.