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5 May 2021

Could you support us by becoming a PGH Trustee or a Volunteer?

There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to be at the helm of a charity delivering high-quality adult education to its community.

In the past year, the staff and trustees of The Percival Guildhouse have had to think on their feet being innovative, adaptable and resilient in their passionate commitment to continue to deliver courses for long-term and new students.

A trustee brings additional experience, expertise and support to the permanent team. We are now looking for new trustees with skills to complement our existing group and with a shared commitment to help shape the future of the Guildhouse.   We are also wishing to harness the abundant goodwill of our students by growing our pool of volunteers willing to be called upon to help with specific projects. 

Click on the buttons below to find out more, or to apply to volunteer.  As ever, we thank you for your loyalty and support. 

Alternatively telephone: 01788 542467 or email: 

We look forward to hearing from you!

5 May 2021

PGH Newsletter online!

Summer Newsletter 2021

Our first online newsletter is now available! Just click the image to catch up with everything that's happening at the Guildhouse. If you prefer to read a paper copy of the newsletter, click on the image, and print it out at home. If you would like to save the newsletter, click the image, download the pdf and save it on your computer. Please do whatever suits you best!

14 April 2021

We have received donations from online shopping - thank you!

Because you shopped at AmazonSmile between 1 October and 31 December 2020, the Guildhouse has received a donation of £21.12

Because you shopped online through easyfundraising up to 31 December 2020, the Guildhouse has received a donation of £33.60.

And all at no extra cost to you – thank you so much!

23 March 2021

The Survey results are in - thank you for your participation

11 March 2021

Get ready... re-enrolment for Summer Term starts on 15 March!

From Monday 15th March, the Summer Term Brochure will be on the website and you can re-enrol for next term! Remember, existing students’ places are saved until Friday 26th March and we don’t need you to fill in an enrolment form, just contact us to pay for your course. Click here for a handy reminder of the key dates or go to the Re-enrolment page for more information

New students are also welcome to enrol on new courses or enquire about vacancies on continuing courses from 15th March. New students will need to complete an enrolment form.

12 February 2021

New on our website: course information search

To see all the courses we have on offer, you can still click on the brochure button in the normal way. However, if you want to search for something specific, you can now click on the course category picture boxes on the home page or on the courses page and select the course that interests you.  You will see all the information about that course including specific syllabus details that do not appear in the brochure.

Whether you are new to the Guildhouse or an existing student, we hope you will find this new feature useful.

2 February 2021

A quick reminder on how to access your account online: video guides

In July 2020 we contacted all current students with a unique password to access their Percival Guildhouse records online. As new students join PGH, they will also receive a membership number and a password. Accessing your account should be very easy and is entirely optional – why not give it a try? If you would like more information on how it works, you may find these six short video guides helpful. Click the full screen icon to see the videos in a larger size.

7 January 2021

We are open online!

4 December 2020

Spring Term 2021 - re-enrol from Monday 7 December

10 November 2020

PGH needs your help!

Through this pandemic, PGH has been very thankful for the continued support of its students and supporters. We have resiliently risen to the challenge of  providing classes online for the first time and we have welcomed students in-person to a secure and socially-distanced Guildhouse. However, this term, our income is not covering our costs and our future is precarious.

Normally at this time of year we are fundraising with a Christmas raffle and a Christmas Fair. As neither of these can take place this year we continue to explore all possible grant options and we are also asking for your help. Any donation, however small, will make a real difference.

You can donate by debit card over the telephone, or by posting us a cheque.  Click Here to download a Gift Aid declaration (if this is applicable) to help us further. Thank you for all your support in the past and now.

8 November 2020

Donate as you shop - it'll cost you nothing!

Many of us are shopping online more than usual during these challenging times. If this includes you, why not raise money for the Guildhouse while you shop? It’s really easy – all you have to do is shop online at all your usual retailers via the easyfundraising website and the retailers will donate a percentage of your purchase cost to the Guildhouse. Or, if you are shopping at Amazon, just swap to AmazonSmile to give PGH a donation at no extra cost to you. It sounds like there should be a catch but, in fact, it really doesn’t cost you a penny and PGH will benefit. We appreciate all the support you give us and understand that you cannot support us in your usual way at the moment, so you might like to sign up, using the instructions below, and support us in a different way during this difficult period.

2 November 2020

Temporary Closure of PGH building from midnight on Wednesday 4th November

 The temporary 4-week closure is in accordance with current government advice.  

Classes which are Zoom-only will continue as normal
Classes which are in-person-only will be temporarily suspended, with catch up options available if possible after the lockdown
Classes which have a mixture of students on Zoom and in-person will continue on Zoom-only if possible.

The office will be manned throughout so you can contact us by telephone or email with any queries.

We understand how frustrating this is for everyone and we thank you for your support.

30 October 2020

How to get the best experience from Zoom!

We are very proud that we have been able to offer participation in our classes via Zoom as well as in-person. As Zoom has been a new venture for us, inevitably, there have been a few teething issues. Nevertheless, we hope students have enjoyed participating via Zoom.

You may already have discovered the tricks for getting the best experience from Zoom but, in case it helps, we have collated some tips which we share with you here:

  • Find yourself a quiet space somewhere in the house where there is a good Wifi signal and where you won’t get disturbed. Close the door to keep out unwanted noises.
  • Make sure that the light source (window or lamp) is in front of you (ie. shining on your face rather than behind you creating a silhouette).
  • If possible use a PC or laptop with a good-sized screen. If you have one, use a mouse so that you don’t need to keep touching the screen once it’s set up.
  • If you use a tablet or phone, make sure it is fully charged before you start, or keep it plugged in to a charger.
  • Use a headset with built in microphone for improved sound quality – earphones make a big difference if your hearing is not too good. With a microphone connected to your headset, the sound level remains consistent when you move your head around or lean away from your PC.
  • During periods of the lesson where there is no requirement to interact, it can help if you ‘mute’ your microphone to avoid transmitting background noises over the top of the tutor.

Enjoy your class!

7 October 2020

Help maintain our WIFI strength

Thank you for your patience and co-operation as we embark on our hybrid approach to classes. You can study via Zoom or in-person and in many of our classes we are combining the two! Our marvellous tutors, staff and volunteers are working hard to make this a rewarding experience for all our students and are addressing any teething issues with determination. One of our challenges is to maintain our internet strength and stability while offering our extensive programme of courses so if you could turn off WIFI on your mobile device before you enter the Guildhouse, this would help us enormously.

24 Sept 2020

Change in Start Dates

To allow for the completion of our lift installation, we have decided to delay our opening by one week so classes will now start the week commencing Monday 5th October. We are disappointed not to be opening next week as planned but the safety and comfort of our students, staff and volunteers comes first.

24 Sept 2020

Please follow these Guidelines when you come to the Guildhouse

  1. Do not come to the Guildhouse if you have a temperature, cough or feel unwell
  2. A new one-way system is in place; enter at St Matthew’s Street door (by the office) and exit at Bloxam Place door (near the registry office)
  3. Wear a face covering in all communal areas of the Guildhouse and keep 1 metre apart from others. You may remove the face covering in class if you wish.
  4. Use the hand sanitizer provided when entering the building
  5. Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your course starts and go straight to the classroom. Please leave immediately your class has finished.
  6. Do not alter the room layouts. They have been reconfigured to maintain a 1 metre distance and avoid face-to-face contact

24 Sept 2020

What we are doing to keep you safe at the Guildhouse

  • We have offered fewer classes, reduced the number of students in classes and staggered start and finish times to enable social distancing
  • All surfaces, equipment, door handles and banisters will be cleaned after every class
  • There are hand sanitizers on every floor and at entry and exits
  • Toilets are available and will be cleaned at least hourly
  • Hot and cold drinks and biscuits will be available and a limited menu of takeaway lunches. We do not accept cash; instead you can purchase vouchers by debit card or cheque. Present the vouchers to pay for your refreshments
  • The data you provide on your enrolment form will be used for track and trace purposes and to contact you if there are cases of Coronavirus at PGH.
  • We have put new measures in place to minimise risk and keep you safe so please follow the guidelines we give you

9 Sept 2020

Coronavirus Update

As a provider of adult education, the Percival Guildhouse is following all the guidance set out by the Department for Education. Although there are new rules for socialising from 14th September, we expect to continue to deliver our courses in accordance with the government’s advice for education. However, we still need to implement strict safety measures and the Guildhouse has put all the necessary safety and social distancing measures in place to comply with the current rules.

We constantly monitor changes in government advice and will adapt our measures to ensure the safety of our students, tutors, staff and volunteers at all times.


2 Sept 2020

We are enrolling! Contact us on weekdays 9am-1.30pm

Ring up or come in person to enrol for your Autumn Term courses. We are open now.

Social distancing measures are in place if you come in person to the Guildhouse.

13 August 2020

Get ready... Autumn 2020 Brochure is out on 17 August!

From Monday 17 August the brochure will be available on this website and you can enrol by post straight away. Look on the Home page or the Courses page for the Brochure button!

We are not delivering brochures this Autumn, except to students who do not have access to the internet. Please look at the brochure online if you can, or pick up a paper brochure from outside the Guildhouse (weather permitting) or in the Visitors Centre at Rugby Library.

Online, you will find the enrolment form under Enrolment in the Courses menu. Just print it off, fill it in and send it to us with your cheque. No cash please!

When you enrol, remember to say whether you want to participate via Zoom or in person. See you soon!


6 July 2020

Here's one more thing we can do this summer!

Way back in April, you may remember we published a flyer highlighting all the things you could do with PGH this summer.  Many of you have done some, or even most, of those activities – you have tried your hand at a couple of quizzes, you have kept up to date by checking this Latest News page, you have donated funds to the Guildhouse, you have helped everyone stay safe and well by not coming in person to the Guildhouse, you have told your friends about us (we have already had some enquiries from new students!) and some of you have helped us trial online classes using ‘Zoom’. But there is one thing that no-one has had a go at yet and that’s logging in to your PGH account online.

Some eagle-eyed students have noticed that there is now a “Members Login” button on the home page! You can click on it but you can’t login yet because we need to contact you all with a unique password to access your account – that’s something that we will be doing very soon. If we hold an email address for you, we will contact you in the coming weeks with all the information you will need to login. It will be very easy to do and entirely optional. Try it if you want to!

30 June 2020

Autumn 2020 Enrolment: Timetable and Information

You will shortly receive an email or a letter in the post with important information about our re-opening in September. Some elements of enrolment and delivery of classes will stay the same as usual but there will have to be some changes to ensure your safety so please read the email/letter carefully when you get it. A copy of the letter is attached in case you have not received it – just click the button below. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us by phone until 3 July or by email throughout the summer at

12 June 2020

Lockdown Quiz Answers

How did you get on with our new-style quiz? Quite different from our Christmas Quiz format but we hope you enjoyed it. Click the button below for the answers and feel free to send us an email to let us know what you thought of it and how you got on.

11 June 2020

Dispelling some myths about Zoom

As we start our Autumn planning, we have to consider all options and, alongside the possibility of socially distanced classes at the Guildhouse itself, another option may be to make some use of the online videoconferencing software “Zoom” which we have been trialling with a small selection of classes.  Some of you may have the impression that using Zoom is complicated and difficult. You may think you have to set up a Zoom account, sign in to join meetings, have a webcam etc. But it’s not true!! To make things clear, here is the advice from Zoom themselves: 

Do you need an account to use Zoom?
A Zoom account is not required if you are strictly joining Zoom Meetings as a participant. If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a participant without creating an account. 

How do I join a Zoom meeting?
You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link or going to and entering in the meeting ID.

Do I have to have a webcam to join on Zoom?
While you are not required to have a webcam to join a Zoom Meeting, you will not be able to transmit video of yourself. You will continue to be able to listen and speak during the meeting, share your screen, and view the webcam video of other participants. 

As we prepare our plan for the Autumn, if you would like to get informed on all things “Zoom” just click this link to visit the Zoom Help Centre

10 June 2020

Your exhibits from the Art Exhibition are safely stored

In March we had to dismantle the Art Exhibition earlier than advertised, due to COVID-19, so all your beautiful exhibits have been carefully stored at the Guildhouse. 

At the moment the Guildhouse remains closed to students and you are welcome to leave your exhibits with us until the Autumn. However, if you feel that it is essential that you collect your exhibit before the summer break, you can now request to do this by appointment only. Please ring the office and we will arrange a time for you to come to the Guildhouse. Our doors will be locked; you can telephone us to let us know you have arrived or you can ring the doorbell at your appointment time. Please stand back from the door. One person at a time may enter the building and strict social distancing will be observed. You will be asked to sanitise your hands on entry, then you may proceed to the Gooder room, collect your exhibit and return directly to the front door. If you wish to make an appointment, please do so by 30th June. After that date, the remaining exhibits will be safely locked away until the Autumn.

9 June 2020

May Prize Club Winners!

The four lucky winners in the May Prize Club Draw will receive their winning cheques in the post shortly.

5 June 2020

Thank you for getting in touch!

What a fantastic response we are getting from all our Guildhouse members to our communication about planning for Autumn Term classes. Your feedback will really help us to determine what we may be able to offer in the Autumn Term. Thank you!

23 May 2020

New Quiz!

If you enjoyed the last quiz – perhaps you’d like to try this one? It’s in a completely different style, based on Radio 4’s Round Britain Quiz.

Answers will be posted here in three weeks – good luck! 

22 May 2020

April Prize Club Winners

The four lucky winners in the April Prize Club Draw will receive their winning cheques in the post shortly.

18 May 2020

Quiz Answers

We hope you found our quiz good fun – here are the answers! Did anyone get a full house of correct answers?

15 May 2020

It's been lovely to hear from you!

Thanks for getting in touch with us during this difficult time; we love to hear your comments. We have felt very supported by you all and here are a selection of the many uplifting messages we have received. Thank you!

“I hope at some point the Percival Guildhouse will be able to re-open with its usual selection of courses and dayschools.”

“It is a truly valuable asset to the town and provides a much needed centre for learning with qualified tutors, but, just as importantly, also a social hub for like-minded people to meet up on a regular basis. I would certainly be at a loss without it.”

“Looking forward to attending classes when possible.”

“It is essential that the wonderful facility in the Guildhouse continues in the future.”

“Here is a small cheque with the hope that one day we may be able to walk through the door again.”

“Thanks for continuing to keep the prospect of a re-opening alive.”

13 May 2020

To Zoom, or not to Zoom: that is the question

“Zoom” is a name that has become familiar to us during lockdown; many people are using this videoconferencing software to stay in touch with friends and family and it is also an ideal platform for online interactive study. PGH is currently trialling online classes via Zoom in a range of subjects. We asked Joanna (a student in the Drawing for Improvers Zoom pilot) and Sue (a student in the History through Art Zoom pilot) how they got on and their feedback indicates that we should definitely Zoom! 

The experience we are gaining during this trial should help us to develop a definitive Zoom class programme which could be offered to students in the future – watch this space! 

12 May 2020

Your favourite exhibits from the Art Exhibition

We had some lovely comments about our exhibits with visitors praising the creativity and diversity of art and craft work on display. Here are a selection of comments we’d like to share. All visitors to the exhibition in March were given the opportunity to list their favourite three exhibits. Scroll down to find out which were the most popular items.

Out of the 112 items in the exhibition, the most popular were the following paintings:

First: Man in a Pink Hat by Lesley
Second: Sea Holly by Jane
Joint Third: Love by Roseann
Joint Third: Rooster Art Diptych by Robert

Well done to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who helped make the exhibition happen! Whether you exhibited your art and craft work, helped set up or dismantle the exhibition space, stewarded, or just came and visited, you made it possible to showcase the work of our talented students and advertise the Percival Guildhouse to a wider audience.

5 May 2020

Donate as you shop - it'll cost you nothing!

Many of us are shopping online more than usual during these challenging times. If this includes you, why not raise money for the Guildhouse while you shop? It’s really easy – all you have to do is shop online at all your usual retailers via the easyfundraising website and the retailers will donate a percentage of your purchase cost to the Guildhouse. Or, if you are shopping at Amazon, just swap to AmazonSmile to give PGH a donation at no extra cost to you. It sounds like there should be a catch but, in fact, it really doesn’t cost you a penny and PGH will benefit. We appreciate all the support you give us and understand that you cannot support us in your usual way at the moment, so you might like to sign up, using the instructions below, and support us in a different way during this difficult period.

28 April 2020

Summer Information

We know you have been waiting for information – here is an update on what we can do during summer!

The Percival Guildhouse 28 April 2020: March Prize Club Winners

There were four lucky winners in the March Prize Club Draw! These individuals will receive their winning cheques in the post shortly.

The Percival Guildhouse: Update 24 April 2020

We will be posting new information here very soon. In the meanwhile, why not try your hand at a Christmas Quiz from way back? We’ll post the answers here in 3 weeks’ time – good luck!!

The Percival Guildhouse: Update 3 April 2020

We are actively discussing how and when we may be able to resume normal operations but, in light of current government advice, this cannot be before June at the earliest. This means we will not be able to deliver the Summer Term in its original form. Instead, we hope to offer a selection of Dayschools and Summer Schools in late June or early July; our ability to deliver these classes will be guided by government advice as well as student demand. If you have already paid for the full Summer term, your fees will be refunded as soon as it is safe for staff to return to the office.

New Summer Term class details will be posted here as soon as they are finalised, along with information on how to enrol.

We have contacted all our students individually and will continue to update this page.

The Percival Guildhouse: Update 30 March 2020

The Percival Guildhouse Trustees and staff are working very hard to manage a difficult situation. We will be in touch with our tutors, students and volunteers very shortly to let everyone know what we may be able to offer during the Summer Term. Until then, we thank all of our valued supporters for their patience as we continue to adapt to these uncertain times. May all stay safe and well. Thank you.


The Percival Guildhouse is now closed : Update 23 March 2020

We are now completely closed but if you have a query please email and we will answer you as we are working from home. We hope to resume telephone contact on 16 April.

Thank you for your patience at this very difficult time.

The Percival Guildhouse is now closed: 18 March 2020

Due to the latest government advice about the coronavirus, the Percival Guildhouse closed to students at 9am on 18 March. 

Students are being offered the options of either receiving a refund or making a donation to the Guildhouse finances for any remaining Spring term classes from Wednesday 18 March.

The office will remain open and re-enrolment should continue as normal for the Summer term. Enrolment can be made over the telephone or by post, please do not come in person. All tuition fees will be refunded if we reduce or alter the Summer term.

We send our best wishes to you all and your families at this difficult time. We hope that things get back to normal soon –  please don’t forget the Percival Guildhouse!