How to re-enrol

Re-enrolment during an academic year is quick and easy! If you started a course in the Autumn or Spring Term and wish to continue in the following term, you can enrol two weeks before any new students.  

No need for another enrolment form, just quote your membership number and pay the appropriate fee!
Follow the steps below.

For Spring and Summer Terms

This quick and easy re-enrolment process is specially available only for the Spring and Summer Terms.

Two week grace period

In the Autumn Term all enrolments are dealt with on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. No places can be reserved in advance.

But for students who want to re-enrol for the Spring or Summer term your place is saved for two weeks while you decide if you want to re-enrol. After the two-week grace period, enrolment is again open to all, no places are saved.

No Enrolment Form Needed

We will already have your personal information from the first time you enrolled this academic year. Just let us know if any of your details have changed.

Use your Membership Number

This number is unique to you!  If you have it to hand, quote it when you pay your course fee.